Public Art Initiative

Re-imagining the Corner of 6th & Western

6th and Western Project

The Stillwater Arts & Humanities Council along with the City of Stillwater and its citizens are partnering for an initiative to re-imaging the northeast corner of 6th Street and Western Avenue This is a well-traveled entrance into the heart of the Stillwater. A work of art on this corner will serve as the catalyst for a larger, more comprehensive, initiative called the Gateway Project. The Gateway Project includes the identification and implementation of gateway signs, district boundaries, wayfinding, and public art. The selected sculpture will welcome everyone into the heart of Stillwater and become a defining element within the community.

Then there were three!

Below are the top three final selections by our selection committee. We want your input to help us make our final decision. Use the images and descriptions below to help you make an informed decision, then please vote.

Sculpture 1 – “Community Circle”

Sculpture 1 - "Community Circle"

The diversity among us creates beauty. The uniqueness we all bring designs a whole which is complex, interesting and strong. The piece has a varied grid that gives structure to the individual houses and a place for them to be connected and to reside together, just like the many things in Stillwater that connect us all. The houses coming together in a circle (representing growth and seasons of life) creates unity and equity throughout. We ae stronger together. 

The piece is 9ft tall by 7ft wide on it’s base.

Sculpture 2 – “Interlaced”

Sculpture 2 - "Interlaced"

This sculpture, Interlace, is a tangible celebration of Stillwater.  An idea that no matter where we come from or where the future takes us, we will all be tied together in the lively community of Stillwater.  This elegant shape elongated on one of the busiest intersections will fascinate viewers by the interlocking silhouette that gently weaves within itself. 

This piece is 27ft long by 12ft tall.

Sculpture 3 – “All Together”

Sculpture 3 - "All Together"

When we all come together, something bigger than the sum of the individual parts happens. The pieces all fit together to form a circle and to create an open form of a house. The circle represents unity, inclusiveness, and the cycles of life we all experience. The house is left open to allow everyone to place themselves in that space and to be a part of the pieces coming together to create a community.

The piece is 9ft tall by 7 ft wide on it’s base.

Local Talent Performs at the Art Showcase on May 1st

The SAHC joined with Prairie Arts on May 1st for the Pop Up Art Showcase. Local musicians performed throughout the morning including Jo & Billy McCollom, Sydney Weiser, Jimmy Stapp and John Homer, and Terry Bryson and Billy McCollom.

Art completes what nature cannot bring to finish.


We have art in order not to die of life.

Albert Camus