Public Art Initiative

Request for Proposal

Re-imagining the Corner of 6th & Western

The Stillwater Arts & Humanities Council along with the City of Stillwater and its citizens are seeking artists to submit sculpture designs for a public art display.

The northeast corner of 6th Street and Western Avenue is a well-traveled entrance into the heart of the Stillwater. The work of art erected on this corner will serve as the catalyst for a larger, more comprehensive, initiative called the Gateway Project. The Gateway Project includes the identification and implementation of gateway signs, district boundaries, wayfinding, and public art. The selected sculpture will welcome everyone into the heart of Stillwater and become a defining element within the community. 

COMING SOON – Official Artist Request for Proposal


OPTION 1 – Mail hardcopy or thumb drive to:

Stillwater Arts & Humanities Council

PO Box 135, Stillwater OK 74076

OPTION 2 – Email to: 


OPTION 3 – Link to virtual location:

Dropbox or file transfer of your choice welcomed.

Search Committee: 

Alton Carter, Anu Sukhdial, Becky Taylor, Jillian McGee, Kathy Hall, Mike Staubus, Reem Mansy, Ron Beer, Staci Bejcek, Valerie Bloodgood

Selection Committee:

Kristine Waits, Norman McNickle, Rebecca Brienen

SAHC Partners with Prairie Arts

The SAHC joined with Prairie Arts on May 1st for the Pop Up Art Showcase. Local musicians performed throughout the morning:

Jo & Billy McCollom

Sydney Weiser

Jimmy Stapp and John Homer

Terry Bryson and Billy McCollom 


Art must reach further than impression or self-revelation.

Ansel Adams

A society that forgets art, risks losing its soul.

Camille Paglia