Public Art Initiative

Artist Chosen for 6th & Western Project

The Arts & Humanities Council of Stillwater along with the City of Stillwater and its citizens are partnering for an initiative to re-imagine the northeast corner of 6th Street and Western Avenue This is a well-traveled entrance into the heart of Stillwater. Artist Morgan Robinson was selected by the public to create the sculpture that will be displayed on this corner. To see more of Morgan’s work, visit his website at It takes all of those passionate about our city and the arts to make this project a reality. Please consider making a donation to help beautify this corner of Stillwater for all to enjoy.

Sculpture 2 - "Interlaced"

This sculpture, Interlace, is a tangible celebration of Stillwater.  An idea that no matter where we come from or where the future takes us, we will all be tied together in the lively community of Stillwater.  This elegant shape elongated on one of the busiest intersections will fascinate viewers by the interlocking silhouette that gently weaves within itself. 

This piece is 27ft long by 12ft tall.

Sculpture at night by Morgan Robinson

The Interlace sculpture will be highlighted by beautiful colors in the evening.