We invite you to “help keep the arts alive in Stillwater.”  In these days of budgetary restrictions, many organizations are cutting back on their cultural programs.  Often it is only with the support of the Arts and Humanities Council of Stillwater that these events can take place.

The Arts and Humanities Council of Stillwater’s mission is to encourage and support arts and humanities in the Stillwater area.  We do this by producing the Stillwater Arts Festival and by making grants to educational and cultural organizations.  These grants strengthen appreciation of and participation in artistic and cultural endeavors that benefit the community at large.

The Council raises the funds needed to provide these grants through the active and generous support of the citizens of Stillwater and through our fundraising activities throughout the year.

Your contributions may be how a child’s life is opened to the transformative power of the arts.  Please complete the form below with your tax-deductible contribution. Your receipt for tax purposes will come via e-mail.